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Complete replacement slide set for WE and Tokyo Marui M&P Pistols CO2 Magazine for M&P Style pistols. The most realistic feeling Gas Blowback M4 Airsoft Rifle!
WE-Tech Toucan "Big Bird" Airsoft GBB Pistol - Black WE MSK Finally... realistic, reliable recoil.
Green Gas Magazine for M&P Style pistols. Holy crap Batman...! Blowback Armory Repair Center... Now open to AEG's as well!
Blowback Armory, the Airsoft Specialist, strives to be a no-nonsense, honest, and customer oriented specialist shop for the hardcore enthusiast. Whether it be Gas Blowback Airsoft rifles, Pistols, AEG's, Internal or External mods and upgrades and Condor Tactical Gear, or even "Real Steel" parts and accessories like Magpul Industries, Troy Industries, Midwest Industries, Spikes Tactical, Vltor, Knight's Armament Company, and many more. We hand pick our products to ensure only high quality items are offered to you. Oh, and did we mention we're the Official US WE Airsoft Rifle Repair Center? We know our guns.

Blowback Armory
"The Airsoft Specialist"
(408) 658-0198
473 Sapena ct. Suite24, Santa Clara, CA 95054

All Airsoft guns sold are shipped with a permanently affixed blaze orange tip in accordance with federal law.