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  E.A.S. Lubricant ~ The End All Solution

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Product Code: LUBE-EAS

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We've been searching for a long time for the perfect lubricant but had not found one until now. EAS lubricant is a non-silicone based pure synthetic, engineered for Airsoft, Paintball, and other gas powered guns.

Why not silicone oil? Silicone oil is petroleum based, meaning that no matter how "pure" you get it, it still has stuff in it that you do not want. On top of this, it has inferior lubricity, tends to vaporize in heat, turn to sludge when cold, mix with moisture, and attract dust. These are not good qualities when thinking about what happens to gas guns as they get used.

But what about Teflon based lubricants? Teflon is good in and of itself, but is usually suspended in a silicone medium for administration purposes, meaning that your parts will be slick, but dirty. Also, Teflon is known to release a known carcinogen under certain conditions.

What about real steel lubricants? Many real steel products contain detergents that will literally eat the seals away in an Airsoft gun. Now, some real gun lubricants do not have detergents and work great. We ourselves used a real gun lubricant for many years and it worked great, but we still had to apply silicone to the o-rings as real gun lubricants aren't designed to help o-rings to seal and keep from drying out.

What makes EAS Lubricant the perfect lubricant? EAS was designed from the ground up for gas powered airguns. Not only is EAS highly slick, but it will also help keep your gun functioning at its best by helping to keep it clean and keeping seals fresh and o-rings looking like new.

Pure Synthetic - EAS is a full synthetic, meaning that it was designed in a lab to have the desired properties and is not derived from petroleum. Also unlike petroleum-based products, EAS does not freeze, does not turn to sludge, does not mix with moisture, and will not evaporate over time. EAS, after all, was made, not found.

Protects Metal - EAS is designed to stick to metal, producing a much better level of protection over extended periods of use. Your first time applying EAS will be an eye-opener in how smooth your gun will feel afterwards. Your second time applying it will be an eye-opener, in that you may find that you didn't need to reapply it at all.

Protects O-Rings - EAS has additives in it that promote the life-span of o-rings without bloating and expanding them over time like other products.

Doesn't Attract Dust - While some other lubricants work just as well at lubrication, they have the side effect of being electro-statically charged to attract dust. This is a "natural characteristic" in other lubricants, but since EAS is not made by "natural" means, it does not do this.

Non-Toxic - EAS is non-toxic and completely green. In fact, it is bio-degradable.

Made in USA - EAS lubricant is proudly 100% designed and manufactured, bottled, and even labeled in the USA!!! (Even the labels are printed here)

EAS Lubricant ~ The End All Solution

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